Fulfilling Purpose and Epiphany For Empath

by amazinghealingsbyjanie

I was managing a dinner cruise on a yacht that I work on when I am not doing my healing business at my house or doctor’s office yesterday, yet my healing skills came of use on this day.

One of the customers on board got a severe case of vertigo and when she went to get up she felt like she was going to pass out so she layed herself down on the floor and threw up some. This is when I was notified and asked for a pan. I got that for her and she said she was so sorry and explained that she gets vertigo so bad that it causes her to pass out sometimes and she said she feels like she is going to pass out now. I immediately go into healer mode and I start rubbing on an acupoint for vertigo. I can feel her pulse is racing and she is sweating. I tell her to take some deep breaths and just allow herself to get stabilized. I assure her that she is safe and fine and keep giving assuring words to calm her down letting her know her body is adjusting now while I am sending in healing light to her yet I do not say this because I feel they would not understand or accept it and not sure how much I could say or do as being a manager even though I am a holistic practitioner also.

I also get her a cold towel and start wiping her forehead. I soon feel her pulse and breath calming down and feel her coming back. I have the marine crew to get her a wheel chair and assure her she can take all the time she needs till she feels able to get up. She kept apologizing and I told her there is no need to apologize and that we would take care of everything. I feel she is greatly embarrassed and even though we soon got her smiling and laughing I wish I shared with her on times that I used to get dizzy and lay on floor from hypoglycemia and other health issues I used to have and voice more compassion to let her know I know how she feels which may help her not to be so embarrassed or to feel like an outcast.

However, we got the opportunity for a wow that we like to call it on the yacht. They were going to call a cab because she still did not feel up to walking all the way back. I asked where they were staying thinking that maybe we could wheel her there. The captain must have read my mind as he suggested we do exactly that. The marine crew wheeled her all the way to the Embassy suites to her room where she was staying. The man in charge of the group thanked me for doing such a great job.

Today, being an empath and not preparing myself before touching someone: I wake up feeling like I got ran over by a truck knowing it was from taking on some of what this lady was dealing with which I get has a lot more to do with than just vertigo. So, I spend all day working on cleansing this out and meditating on why. One thing I get is that I would not have felt this way if I first got into a more sacred mode and second if I voiced compassion relating more to this lady of what she was feeling; I would not have kept this unexpressed emotions inside causing me to feel so much of the pain today.

An epiphany occurs. I get that if an emapth can express the compassion that will keep the empath from keeping the pain which is a huge breakthrough on figuring out this emapthic stuff so I am grateful for that. Interestingly enough I did just began taking a course on compassionate communication. And even more interesting is that these people wrote in about me complimenting me on how I handled the situation saying how I kept rubbing her forward and showing compassion which I did show compassion yet it would be even better if I voiced it so this is indeed a great lesson for me.

I am also so honored that they felt so appreciative that they made a donation to Shriners in my name which really made me feel purposeful. It just goes to show when we invest the time with knowledge, self care, and raising our spirituality that it will become of use no matter what job we have that helps us to fulfill our purpose.