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Here are some great things I have learned and re-learned today at a seminar about from this amazing author Mike George from England:
We are responsible for our own reality. Our best happiness comes from within and this can be achieved by doing acts of kindness for another.
We grow up believing we are responsible for others happiness and we spend a large bit of life seeking approval from others and calling it love. This creates dysfunctional relationships and co-dependency. This delays true happiness.

Two  Kinds of happiness

1. Capacity to be content
This is to be unmoved by anything in the world. We can achieve this by changing our perception and realize that everything happens perfectly. When we judge we lose our peace instantly. When we are in a state of wanting it takes out the state of contentment. The bottom line is judging, wanting, and expecting sabotages contentment.

2. Living out purpose of Life

We are living out our purpose of life all the time. It is pretty much impossible not to live our purpose.We come here to create our life. However, we cannot create if we are in victim mode. I would like to add to follow what we are passionate about. If you ever got lost in something you love doing and lost track of time then you may have found what your passion is.

Most people may ask how can I find happiness instead of “Why am I not happy?” The answer is because I am not free inside. When we become trapped we lose our joy, bliss, etc.

7 Things that create feelings of being trapped:

1. Position (job, wife etc), 2. Power, 3.Pay, 4. Possessions, 5. People, 6. Prestige, 7. Privileges

We lose ourselves all too often in consciousness of these things. They are only ideas in the mind. For example, We find out that someone took a coin and scratched our new car. The ideas put in the mind may be disastrous if we let it and we could end up mistaking our self for the car creating pain for our self. We are not our car. It is best to lose ideas of attachment and possession. Am I my car? Am I my job etc?  Mine possession creates a fear of losing it and keeps us out of happiness.

3 emotions most create everyday:

1. Sadness leads to loss

2. Anger leads to blame

3. Fear leads to it will happen again

What we can do when we have these emotions is to first realize that we are having them and that we are doing them to our self. What beliefs are creating traps and keeping me from being happy? The word believe can be broken down to be lie to self which better put is what lie did I create to myself?

Have more self awarenss

Back to the example of the scratched car. First become aware that the car has been scratched, become aware of damage, become aware that you are upset, become aware of the attachment you have to the car and how you are letting it sabotage your happiness. How do we set our self free from this? The answer is to realize that everything happens just as it was meant to. Might I add my own words is how we can see this as an opportunity for growth to learn how to not be attached to material things. It is best to create an attitude that it does not matter what happens. I know I am fine no matter what.

What do we do when we see others making mistakes?

First of all, why are you seeing this as something you feel that they should not be doing instead of seeing it as happening perfectly? I will add again my own insights that we cannot fully know the light without first experiencing the dark. I know that it is hard to watch love ones go through some tough times as I have been there and done that, but sometimes we just got to let go and accept it as perfect for their purpose to eventually know the light of it. When they have had enough or finally get the insight; they will seek help and/or simply move on. We must also know to set boundaries to not let us get mixed into it and drain us and to be taken advantage of. Mike goes on to say: “Do not get wrapped up in creating other people’s lives-let them create their own.” I as a healer and health coach have a hard time in knowing when to use my purpose of helping others and when to leave it be. I guess I can only offer what I do when felt called upon and leave it up to them to come to me when they are ready.

What to do when you see another persons circumstances affecting you?

It is not what another does; it is how you react to it that matters. No one can make you feel anything unless you let it. I say stop giving your power away to others to control how you feel. Mike says untrap the image and you will feel great. Practice. Practice. Practice. I say visualize the outcome you desire and stop focusing on what you don’t want and the lack. This is your chance to be an actor. Put the feeling and thoughts into it creating what you desire. Mike says do not feed the flame of victim hood. Who is responsible for your feelings? That is right. You are and no one else.

Getting mixed up into moments of pleasure. There are types of things outside of us that we use to create moments of pleasure. These are not sustainable and there is always a low point. We will eventually need more and more stimulation and it will become more draining than fulfilling. This is a sign of misusing energy.

When we are curious that is when the ego disappears. Leaders do not wait for permission; they just do what they need to do. Plant the seed of truth. And may I add that Love is all there is; all else is an illusion.

I highly recommend getting a book from Mike George for greater details. I just bought “Being Your Self”

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