Act of Kindness

by amazinghealingsbyjanie

actofkindnessI am feeling pressed for time and for replenishing my finances today when all of a sudden a challenge is placed before me on how to be. I have so many things going on and desires I am working on like getting my healing business going by myself, setting up workshops, writing a book, and trying to work out the best plan to maintain my own health, spend time with loved ones, and do all the daily chores of keeping up a house and too much more to list of the things I would like to do and how to work all this in around my job. I find myself asking how I will get the time and money to do all of this, yet knowing I must have faith for it all. With all this said, as I run a quick trip to Wal-mart, or so I thought at this time that it would be quick because I wanted to get home to attend to the forest growing in my back yard, clean up the mess from my granddaughter, and get some things done on my long list before my client comes to me for a session then this test of faith happens.

As  I place my distilled water and organic veggies in my car, this man approaches me in a wheelchair asking if I would help him get something to eat. Without hesitation, I say yes and we go back into Wal-mart. He is looking at packages of sausage to cook. I ask why would he want to put that into his body? He says this is what he has always been eating. I tell him if he wants his body to work better then he must take care of it by putting better things into it. I also inform him that I am not buying all of his groceries, but I will be happy to get him a meal. I suggest a salad already made up and he choices a seafood one along with some veggie rolls and asks for some fruit punch. I get him that too praying for it all to be purified, nutritious, and fulfilling for him.

As we are in line, I ask how long he has been in a wheelchair and he tells me many years from a diving accident. He seems very surprised that I not only am buying this for him, but that I am showing interest in him. He tells me that people don’t do this kind of stuff for people and that he feels a peace about me and asking how I am like this. I explain I was much different 3 yrs ago and how I could barely move and was struggling to survive. I sense that he is in victim consciousness and I begin coaching him. I tell him that he has the power within him to be healed of anything and anything is possible including for him to walk again.  I see the doubt in his eyes. I show him how I looked 3yrs ago and can see the look of shock on his face. He asked me how much did it cost me to look as good as I do now. I tell him the HEAL technique helped me the most and described how I paid for a treatment and then paid for classes etc. He is like no how much did the surgery cost. I say I did not have any surgery. He is amazed and intrigued to learn more.

I describe my story which is long and miraculous, but I will save that for another post maybe in  Anyways, I start to see the hope in his eyes that has been long gone. I start to help him realize that God loves him, sees him as worthy and deserving of great things and wishes for him to see this for himself. I felt like my heart may just burst when he asked me if I thought he would be able to go to heaven. This man felt so unworthy of himself that he thought God would not even accept him. How sad is this? Who has taught him this? I tell him that God accepts everyone and does not deny anyone into heaven. I tell him God sees him as a perfect creation of him and that God does not judge him and for him to stop judging himself. I give him the whole spiel about how we are meant to make mistakes because we can not fully know the light without first experiencing the dark and so on. It makes me feel so good beyond words to help someone realize this and to make such a big difference in his life. I go on to teach him how to pray effectively and give him my card to call on me. However,  I make it clear that he is not to become dependent on me for his needs and to turn to God and to practice having faith. It started to pour the rain and he was like how am I even to make it to the bus in this rain. I tell him this is a great opportunity to practice his faith and pray. He prays “please make it stop raining.” I tell him that it is more effective to pray for something as if you already have it so trade please for thank you. Second of all, take out the rain because that means you are still focusing on the rain and what we focus on is what we attract. So, an effective way to pray is to say “thank you God for this beautiful weather, thank you sun for shining on me, thank you for getting me home dry.” Also, words are not enough we must put the feeling of what we wish with it. Create the feeling within like it is already granted. He comments on the rain a few more times as I keep reminding him to visualize how he would like the weather to be. He is starting to get it. The dark clouds reveal a beautiful blue sky and we talk some more in the parking lot with some dry weather. However, he sees the umbrella in my car and asks me for it. I give it to him telling him he will not need it if he just believes. It sprinkles on and off. I can practically hear the Universe saying make up your mind….rain or sun? This new way of thinking and being does take time and practice just like anything else.

I would love to do some sessions on this man and to help him walk again. I also know it may not do much good unless he has faith and believes it to work. I tell him how some people barely touched Jesus and became healed and how others came to Jesus, but were not healed. When people asked why Jesus replied: “too little faith”. This is one main reason why I do not like to give sessions away because I know the more someone will pay for something, the more faith they have in it, and the more they are committed into healing, the better it will work for them. I am learning how to release some of these beliefs of not even feeling deserving of being healed etc before a session. Nonetheless, I am also learning to set boundaries and to not let myself be taken advantage of. I did go back into this store spending another $20 on some necessities for this man after he tells me how he has been getting the run around on not receiving benefits. I was also shocked and disgusted when he told me our system expects him to be on narcotics to receive assistance. I was pleased that he was not on drugs. Let us pray for most benevolent outcome on this and for this man. Anyways, he also asks me to get him a month bus pass. I am starting to feel that he is becoming too dependent on me and starting to take advantage of me. I heart test if it is of highest best choice for me to get him the pass and I get a no. I offer to give him a ride, but this is not possible with wheelchair so I do give him $5 for now and tell him to have faith that he shall always be provided for. I do a spiritual mind treatment (powerful prayer) with him and leave him with hope and an opportunity to turn to God and practice his faith.

I leave being fulfilled with such a great sense of purpose…..having such a great indescribable feeling of knowing I made the highest choices……. and that I now too have an opportunity to practice my faith on time and finances. I feel this is the way to be and I like to spread this saying of “way to be” around the world. I invite you to say way to be anytime you see someone doing something of greatness. This could be simple little things like opening the door for someone and I invite you to start doing these things yourself. You may have to praise yourself with the words way to be till this gets going or when no one is around. Isn’t it about time we stop criticizing our self…. and start praising our self……..and to be the change we wish to see? If you enjoyed this post and agree please share. Way to be to those that do. Love you!

Janie Ambrose

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